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Personal Biography

How It All Started

​Soren Hellerup was born in Copenhagen, Denmark.

After his parents divorced he moved with his mother to the Danish country side. From an early age Soren dreamed of working with cinema, television and theater. At the age of 20 he returned to Copenhagen and began working in various theatres, mainly with lighting, scenery and production. Work which later was extremely important for his work as a director and designer.

In 1979, Soren was accepted into the Danish National Theater, graduating in 1982,  and obtaining varies work on Danish television and theater. After receiving several scholarships in 1985 Soren received further education at H.B.Studio in New York City. Working in theater, film and television in NYC, he finally moved to Los Angeles in 1998, where he continued to work in productions, but mostly in TV, film and theater. In 2013, Soren moved to São Paulo, Brazil, where in addition to acting in Brazilian television series and films, he also worked as a director, producer and theater teacher.


Recently Soren has obtained major work in Portugal, Spain and was able to celebrate his 40 years since graduation, by working on his first work in his native Denmark in 38 years. Soren can currently be seen on various networks and steaming services, such as Netflix, HBO MAX and Amazon Prime.

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